Free Lunch Comics Makes Debut Performance at New York Comic Con

Granby, CT, April 10, 2008 --( 2008 has been a very exciting year for Free Lunch Comics. So far they have released three new book titles, signed on new creators and have made several appearances at prominent conventions and in the media. Their flagship title, Bigger, has garnered critical and popular acclaim in the comics community. The crew at Free Lunch is about to converge on their biggest accomplishment yet.

In its third year, New York Comic Con will be held at the Javits Center on April 18 to 20. The management and creators of Free Lunch Comics will occupy one of the Small Press Exhibitor booths (#2265). As part of their appearance, the CT-based publishing company will debut their newest book, The Original Nutty Funsters: A List of Grievances. Written and drawn by Stephanie O’Donnell, the 80-page trade paperback is a collection of comic strips from her popular webcomic ( O’Donnell will be on hand throughout the weekend to autograph copies of her newest treasure.

Free Lunch Comics is proud to announce the most recent issue of Sky Pirates of Valendor. For the first time, the second issue of this dynamic 5-issue series will be available to fans of all ages and the creator, Everett Soares, will on hand to sign copies of his books along with Brian Brinlee. Traveling from Texas for the first time, Brinlee is the penciler for Sky Pirates of Valendor. "I am thrilled to be part of Free Lunch Comics and the crew of Sky Pirates and we are about to plunder the NYCC," commented Brinlee.

Joining Brinlee as a first timer, Andrew Pollock will appear with the Free Lunch crew. A Virginia Beach artist and writer, Pollock is best known within Free Lunch for his amazing work on “The Wailing,” one of the illustrated stories in Only in Whispers. This popular collection of supernatural stories is narrated by Mr. Quiet. The premiere issue features four illustrated tales by a talented crop of creators like Pollock, in addition to prose fiction, and real stories of brushes with the supernatural.

The excitement at the Free Lunch booth does not stop there. They have chosen New York Comic Con to be the venue for the preview of Shawnti Therrien’s masterpiece, Am I Immortal. This talented creator has been working diligently to make this dark and mysterious 22-page tale ready for a sneak peek. This is not Therrien’s first appearance at Comic Con. She is amazed at the different perspective she has for this year’s show. “Last year at Comic Con I had a bunch of pages printed in a spiral bound book. This year I'm going to have my very own book in proof with my publisher in attendance...what's not to love about Comic Con!”

Next to gathering autographs, a popular activity at a convention is collecting commission sketches. With talented artists in their assembly, Free Lunch Comics is one-stop shop. No matter what your tastes, there will be an artist. Matt Ryan, from Bigger, will be available to offer his eclectic, cartoon style. Joining Ryan in the commission sketch area will be Shawnti Therrien with her gorgeous gothic style, Brian Brinlee with his detailed fantasy renditions, Stephanie O’Donnell and her mastery in comic strip art and lastly, Norman Katz will be on hand to create his amazing sketches of “good girl” art.

Knowing that New York Comic Con does not attract just fans, but hundreds of comic creators, the management of Free Lunch Comics, which includes Matt Ryan, Steve Kanaras and Steve Kuster, will be reviewing art and story submissions throughout the weekend. They encourage all emerging creators to stop by for more information on their submission guidelines. About the submission process, publisher Steve Kanaras stated “We are excited to meet the many creators who will be in attendance and invite them to show off their portfolios for review and professional feedback.”

Under the direction of Ryan as President, Kanaras as Publisher and Kuster as Creative Director, Free Lunch Comics has been publishing quality books for over 10 years. They have recently expanded their line of creator-owned titles, including a comedy entitled Pork and Beans, the horror anthology Only in Whispers, gothic horror masterpiece Am I Immortal, the high-flying adventure Sky Pirates of Valendor, a collection of “good girl” art in Norman Katz Artbook Volume 1 and most recently the collection of comic strip art in The Original Nutty Funsters: A List of Grievances. Free Lunch Comics aims to diversify their offerings and provide entertaining books for readers of all interests.

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