Breakthrough Medical Spa Technology at the Threshold of a New Industry

The Balaji GL108 Navaratna Gem Lamp manufactured by Balaji Gem Instruments for the medical-spa industry is a grade II medical device that has the capacity to massively increase the healing energies of precious stones before delivering them to the body in 20-minute treatments.

Santa Fe, NM, April 10, 2008 --( Balaji Gem Instruments announces breakthrough medical-spa technology positioned to be at the threshold of a new revolution in the dynamic field of electro-frequency medicine. The Balaji GL108 Navaratna Gem Lamps are medical-spa devices that massively increase the healing properties of specific precious gemstone frequencies using pulses of light delivering intense therapy to the body in relaxing treatments of twenty minutes or less and with truly outstanding results. Clients who have received the advanced gem therapy light treatments which use ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond and other gemstones in a special lamp therapy call this the forerunner of the latest and most compelling spa/medical therapies available in our market today.

The specially engineered halogen lamps have a removable lens for the therapist to place inside a fully faceted precious gemstone. The instrument is programmed for a specific time interval and is capable of producing frequencies from 1 to 16 pulses per second. The client is bathed in healing light rays of the color transmitted through the gem onto their body. Almost immediately, an amazing transformation takes place. The emerald and blue sapphire lamp treatments bring an instant calm over the person under the lamp. It produces a “tranquility ray” effect for the entire room. The blue sapphire, specifically, produces an immediate slowing down of the mind, the client feels calm and rested, their muscles relax and their tensions dissipate.

Anitra Brown writes in “Top Spa Trends for 2008” for spa blog, “Wellness is sweeping the globe, brought on by scientific breakthroughs, the realization that the medical industry has a “sickness” model, and consumers’ desire to be healthier, more vital, and youthful in appearance. Fitness, nutrition, education, as well as alternative practices such as energy medicine, reiki and Traditional Chinese Medicine are all becoming important aspects of “spa”.

Fertility Tranquility-another important trend in today’s spa is couples finding that getting pregnant isn’t that easy, with stress often the culprit, hopeful parents-to-be are attending spas, in search of a healthy romantic environment, but also spas are offering treatments and diet regimes designed to boost fertility. As a novel approach to fertility enhancement, the diamond frequency under the lamp dramatically stimulates the females’ reproductive organs and libido while the red coral frequency enhances the male reproductive system. This alternative combined with a healthy lifestyle and exercise eliminates the deleterious side effects of taking fertility hormones and greatly increases the optimum chance of getting pregnant. Expecting parents are taking spa vacations as a way to self-indulge and recharge before parenthood, then moms are coming back to get in shape…with baby in tow,” says Anitra Brown.

Howard Beckman, developer of the Balaji GL108 Navaratna Gem Lamp, a graduate gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America, certified as a master appraiser of gems, and a senior member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers knows the science and the ancient wisdom behind the gems to heal and balance body, mind and spirit. Beckman developed the gem therapy treatments out of necessity to cure his wife. Placing the ruby and cats eye frequency onto the womb of his wife Jennifer, symptoms of excessive bleeding, anemia and pain from severe and incurable endometriosis were alleviated within a few short weeks. In a few months, the same condition was irrefutably gone. This is one of many dramatic healings produced by the gem lamps. For more information please visit or call 505-757-6194.

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Howard Beckman