Costa Rica Yoga+Surf Retreat Adds Karaoke to “Sing Your Practice”

“Sing Your Practice” is a unique yoga retreat with karaoke and surfing announced by Rebecca Kovacs (Lila Shakti-Follow Your Dharma) Feb. 15-22, 2020, in Nosara, Costa Rica.

Nosara, Costa Rica, December 04, 2019 --( “Sing Your Practice” is a unique yoga retreat announced by Rebecca Kovacs (Lila Shakti-Follow Your Dharma) Feb. 15-22, 2020, in Nosara, Costa Rica.

“Our retreat is simply about celebration. Our intention is to create a safe, supportive space where we can release our inhibitions, eradicate perfectionism and plug into our creativity through music, surfing, songwriting, singing, dancing and of course your daily dose of yoga. Yoga is the unifying thread with themes around confidence, communication and creativity, and karaoke is about fun and feeling free. Through joy and celebration we can remove blocks that limit our authentic expression and raise our vibrations. What better setting than the stunning jungle of Costa Rica? While my yoga classes and teacher trainings are informed by breathwork and sound healing this is another space to allow the integration of voice, the fifth chakra, into all levels of practice,” Kovacs said.

“Over 15 years ago when I set out on this lifelong journey of Self Realization, I knew my throat chakra was blocked. I always felt anxious and inhibited around public speaking and often remained silent during group sharing. I wasn’t disconnected from my feelings, though certainly could not articulate them accurately. I vowed to find my voice. I began by getting a harmonium and developed a Bhakti Yoga home practice until I eventually cultivated enough courage to share publicly in the form of Kirtan. At first it was terrifying. Now, it is liberating - and so much fun!, said Kovacs, a Los Angeles based yoga therapist, teacher trainer and coach, who now makes Nosara her home.

“While we are not the first yoga retreat to offer vocalization, we are the first to make it this much fun using karaoke!” she said.

Fritz Elmendorf, who created the first yoga surf retreat in Costa Rica in 2005 and brought English karaoke to Costa Rica five years ago, and will be assisting, said, “People want to sing, but are intimidated by the typical bar karaoke setup. The yoga retreat setting provides the perfect group support for finding your comfort level and singing your heart out with favorite pop songs.”

Kovacs has been studying sacred arts since 1996 and teaching yoga for 15 years. After owning The Yoga Hut in San Diego, Rebecca became a staff member of Sri Dharma Mittra’s LOAY Teacher Trainings in New York for 5 years and mentored hundreds of trainees. She now leads her own trainings under the School of Self Initiation called The Left Side Way. Kovacs mentors clients via ZOOM, leads retreats in Costa Rica and Spain, maintains a private practice in LA as well as teaching at numerous studios throughout the United States and Europe.

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