Green Solutions Opens a New Company Department

Green Solutions opens a new department - Due to high demand and growing focus on climate adaptation.

Green Solutions Opens a New Company Department
Vejle, Denmark, December 05, 2019 --( Green Solutions opens a new department, the new department offers environmental consultant services to municipalities and medium-sized companies.

Green Solutions' primary focus is on climate adaptation, rainwater, wastewater and biodiversity in relation to climate adaptation projects.

Science tells us that we will experience more extreme weather, due to climate changes. Therefore, there is a lot of focus on how to adapt. Adaptation solutions take many shapes and forms. Often the solutions have more than one function, for example recreational value and rainwater management.

As a new company in the industry, it is important for Green Solutions to keep up with the developments in sustainable rainwater management. That is why they have chosen to focus on helping public sector and medium-sized companies, where there is a high demand for technical consultants.

Their contracting department will continue to meet the needs of climate adaptation, in the private sector, with the same high level of service.

The new department, Green Solutions - Environmental consultants is expected to represent half of the company’s tasks, by the end of 2020.

You can read more about Green Solutions and climate adaptation on their website.
Bjarne Pedersen