National Retail Brokers Opens Membership in Fresno, California

National Retail Brokers is a National Alliance of Professionals in the retail real estate industry. The network includes retail real estate law firms, brokers, developers, contractors, and financiers.

Pittsburgh, PA, April 10, 2008 --( National Retail Brokers recently opened membership in Fresno, California. Business development is growing in the area, with a focus on retail development. The City of Fresno offers five incentive zones designed to encourage local companies to expand, and to attract new businesses to the area. Because these incentives are being offered and many businesses are taking advantage of them, National Retail Brokers realized a great opportunity to open membership in the area. NRB has recently opened membership in other areas of California, including Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, and Long Beach. This continuous growth in California brings National Retail Brokers one step closer to obtaining full membership nationwide.

About National Retail Brokers:

National Retail Brokers is a National Alliance of Professionals in the retail real estate industry. Unlike the traditional alliances, NRB includes members, not only from retail brokerage firms, but also from retail real estate law firms, developers, contractors, and finance companies.

NRB, through extensive research using US Census Demographics, member opinions, and geographic boundaries, has divided the US into over 100 potential market areas. Once membership is full, NRB will have presence from all of the professionals listed above in each of the market areas.

Another goal of this Alliance is what NRB refers to as the "Power Team Concept." By accepting members from all aspects of the retail real estate industry, each team in each territory will have the ability to approach new clients with professionals that handle all steps of development from site selection to financing and from development to construction and legal. This concept basically creates a "one stop shop" for the potential client and can be a very powerful method of obtaining new clients.

The Alliances offers benefits to members including discounted prices for demographics subscriptions, a listings page where members can post current listings, a monthly e-newsletter, and national recognition.

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