SocksLane One of the Best Compression Socks for Nurses 2019

Portland, OR, December 09, 2019 --( SocksLane has been named one of the Best Compression Socks for Nurses in 2019. Fitness blog has a new article up by blogger Christine Luff that lists SocksLane's cotton compression socks as one of the 8 best brands available, with SocksLane's specifically named as the best for pregnant nurses.

Compression has many benefits, especially when it comes to helping blood circulation work more efficiently. Our body relies on effective blood circulation to get oxygenated blood to the many muscles that do work throughout the body, and ti can be easy to take the latter for granted.

Even sitting or standing for long periods puts a strain on our muscles -- "they also serve who only stand and wait" -- and many jobs require this of people, denying them the comfort that would come with more movement. Nurses are among the ranks who typically have to stand or sit for long hours due to the nature of the job, and as such they open themselves up to the risk of developing varicose veins and spider veins.

This is why compression wear is popular for nurses, especially cotton compression socks that help the legs experience improved blood flow. SocksLane has always been a popular choice on that front, and it has been named one of the 8 best compression socks for nurses in 2019.

Expectant women are particularly at risk of blood circulation issues, as any woman who's been pregnant can attest to discomfort in the legs and feet (sometimes accompanied by swelling and fatigue). Pair this with the long times standing or sitting that come with the nurse job, and the need for a good pair of cotton compression socks is clear.

SocksLane's product offerings offer this relief, by building on a signature 65/35 blend of combed cotton and hypoallergenic Snandex, Lycra, and other fibers that provide a balance of breathable comfort and effective compression. These anti-allergy, anti-odor socks are great for extended periods of use, with reinforced seams that prolong their life span as well.

One can purchase SocksLane products from the company website,, or on Amazon at
Amanda Dixon