Comtactics, an Internet Solutions Firm Based in Dayton, Ohio Creates a Cure for Businesses That Are Suffering from "Web Master Woes"

Dayton, OH, April 10, 2008 --(, provides a service to individuals and establishments who want to have full control over the management process of their Web site content and not be subjected to the limited time their Web master may have.

Founders Sean and Shawntay Fields state, “ has something for everyone; small businesses, schools, churches and nonprofits. We made the service packages very affordable and yet did not compromise the quality of what the end-user would receive.”

Based on the initial response rate, Sean and Shawntay feel that this new innovative design process is going to revolutionize the way most people approach having a Web site built. “We live in a fast-paced society that has learned to embrace change. gives users the ability to keep up with that pace by allowing them to change the look of their site every 4 months with just a couple of clicks. Our clients have found it to be amazing,” said Shawntay.

The Founders believe that since the concept is built around the demand for content control that the product will do well in today’s market. “We created something any novice user who understands email can take advantage of. The design process is fun and allows you to complete a Web site that you can manage and be proud of,” said Sean. “Our Fully Loaded package has everything from calendars and blogging to streaming video and social network features,” he added. has packages that start as low as $45 a month which for some businesses that do not want to pay the upfront cost for a new Web site have found to be very attractive. “I had a basement full of slot-cars and needed a way to get them sold without incurring any upfront cost. I used EasySiteMaster to get me going and it has worked great. I sold my first car the same month I put the site up and made quadruple the cost of the EasySiteMaster service. It is well worth it,” stated Archie B. (owner of “They also helped me monetize my site through multiple ad campaigns that has driven over 14,000 visitors to my site within 3 months. I encourage businesses to give it a try.”

Sean Fields