SocksLane Made Too Many Socks for Warehouse, Sells Surplus at Discounted Price

Portland, OR, December 13, 2019 --( Just in time for the end of December 2019, the new stocks of cotton compression socks came in from its manufacturing plant. CEO and co-founder of the company, Dave Dixon, has ordered too many socks for production. Because of this, he is scheduling to sell the surplus stocks at a discounted price. This was not planned by the company but is going to be beneficial for the loyal and new customers.

The reproduction of the compression socks took about a month to finish. The shipment was just in time for the holiday season. Dave said, “As we speak, the stocks are being tagged at a discounted price and are ready for purchase.” SocksLane's products were primarily designed for women but both men and women have become its loyal customers. It is targeted towards people who have circulatory problems or varicose veins, who spend long periods standing, sitting, traveling, or that simply want to take care of their legs and feel more energized and reduce swelling without compromising on style.

Other compression socks, made of 100% nylon or other synthetic materials, are well known for causing rashes and discomfort. On the other hand, SocksLane compression socks are hypoallergenic and are made using a blend of 65% Natural Combed Cotton and selected high-quality stretch fibers following the company's proprietary manufacturing process.

For a limited time, the company is offering a 15% Discount on the new collection. You may visit their Amazon page to know more.
Amanda Dixon