Smart Sight Innovations Has Developed Innovative Solutions for a Maritime E-Commerce Solution Company

Smart Sight Innovations is all set to join the elite club of developing firms after completion and handover of its maritime business commerce solution for one of its American clients.

Thane, India, December 15, 2019 --( Smart Sight Innovations has earned a remarkable reputation as a CRM, mobile apps, e-commerce, and IoT application developer. The web development solution provider has recently developed a maritime e-commerce solution for one of its American marine products sellers.

“The shipping industry is fragmented and highly specialized. Smart Sight Innovations has developed its platform in such a way that at least 4,000 service providers would be able to list a total of more than 10,000 product listings. The newly developed portal offers essential marine products and services, including crew management, bunkering, chartering, ship S&P, etc.

"Marine suppliers get most of their business from ship-owners. Unfortunately, they are facing a lot of pressure due to global economic uncertainties. It is impacting their daily operations, resulting in consequences for suppliers as well. SSI’s team has spent considerable time in developing the maritime e-commerce solution for the new client. It is designed for promoting transaction transparency, improving efficiency, and reducing operational costs. The portal is set to go live soon,” said the executive from Smart Sight Innovations, without naming the American marine products seller client due to contractual obligations.

Developing a portal meant to be used for the procurement of marine products needs expertise because the devices used by naval personnel face connectivity issues. Thus, the gateway can face data integrity issues as well as the loss of business if it fails to offer offline support with background-sync, caching, service worker script, etc. SSI’s portal is designed to work fast, even on slow internet connections.

Sellers from various countries can list their products on the portal using the specially designed mobile app or web version admin panel. Special features enable ship-owners to place a quote or request the same from suppliers. Decision-making becomes easy due to the quotation comparison option. Most of the transactions are worth thousands of dollars, thus, carry a high transactional risk. The ship-owner can check the seller’s previous transaction data and ratings for ensuring accurate decision making. Every crucial detail about the seller can be accessed on the maritime platform.

If you are looking for a trustworthy web development services provider with considerable experience in working on maritime e-commerce solutions, you should contact Smart Sight Innovations.
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