Cardiolyse Predictive Cardiac Analytics Cloud Platform Won the EXECInsurtech Startup Pitching Competition

The patented technology for cardiac and fatigue risks monitoring was named the most promising for the insurance sector.

Helsinki, Finland, December 23, 2019 --( Cardiolyse was selected to pitch at EXECInsurtech and won the startup pitching competition at Europe’s prime event for insurance technology and innovation in Cologne, Germany. This year the event gathered more than 300 insurtech advocates and 15 selected startups that fought for the opportunity to win the accelerator participation for the seed-stage projects or a business trip to London, Berlin, New York, or Tel Aviv for the early-stage companies.

Cardiolyse won the early stage prize and will now decide in which city to focus their later endeavors. The company presented its clinically-validated fatigue-tracking solution for the critical safety job performers in the transport industry and among medical staff, lone workers, etc. where severe tiredness levels increase the risk of error or accident, endangering other people’s lives. Analyzing the person’s ECG and HRV in real-time, Cardiolyse automatically interprets all the vital parameter values to detects abnormal fatigue levels, alerting both user and the control room on increased risk. "All the current cardiac risks and fatigue management solutions in transport, medical or aviation sectors, unfortunately, include only some manual lifestyle restrictions," commented Anna Starynska, founder and CEO at Cardiolyse. "We're glad to present the seamless digital cardiac analytics solution, that enables instant monitoring of the cardiac and fatigue-driven risks, helping predict and prevent further accidents for critical safety job performers, cutting down the liability insurance costs."

Starting its history in 2013, EXECInsurtech became one of the largest match-making platforms for insurers, tech investors and startups, uniting people globally and giving them an opportunity to drive business cooperation, discuss the latest insurtech trends and challenges, and altogether implement cooperation projects to improve the global insurance solutions and offerings. “We are thrilled to make our contribution to the growth of global insurtech community which is centered here, in Cologne,” commented Sebastian Pitzler, the InsurLab Germany managing director. “With the comprehensive solutions presented here, we hope to further strengthen the existing links between global insurance companies and work together on insurance industry digitalization.”
Anna Starynska