A New Hosting Plan from OPTiM Cloud Hosting Aims to Appease Small Business Owners

OPTiM Cloud Hosting, an independently-owned hosting company focused on providing website hosting space to small businesses, is launching a new hosting plan holiday season for the 2019.

Makkah, Saudi Arabia, January 14, 2020 --(PR.com)-- From OPTiM Cloud Hosting's top-selling hosting plan, comes the Linux web hosting plan. The plan is a pared-down version of web hosting, but it fills a niche the web hosting industry has often overlooked.

Recent trends in the web hosting sphere aim to provide consumers with feature-rich plans offering the latest in technology and development, but the added functionality often adds to the cost of the plan. While web developers and internet-savvy start-ups revel in the expanding features, small businesses and local brick-and-small shops are stuck footing the cost for features that simply aren't relevant for small, static websites.

OPTiM Cloud Hosting is aiming to fill that gap with the Linux web hosting plan.

The Linux web hosting plan is a website hosting package that allocates server space and resources for a website, allowing a user to design, upload, and host a single website on the internet. The plan comes with:

5GB of disk space for website files
10 Enterprise email accounts
1 SQL databases for storage
Free WordPress content management system

The hosting Plan only supports 1 domain, which is well-suited to small businesses looking for an easily-managed online presence.

Despite its small size, the hosting Plan supports multiple free site builders, including WordPress. This saves small businesses from hiring a web developer, which can result in increasing costs every time the website needs to be changed or updated.

While the Linux web hosting plan is aimed at small businesses, it's also an option for artist portfolio websites, entrepreneurs, solo practitioners, and hobbyists.

It's important to note that while the Linux web hosting Plan is centered around simplicity, the added features that come included with more extensive hosting plans are still available on an individual basis. This lends a great deal of scalability to the plan, and shifts more control and oversight to the consumer. With the rising popularity of ecommerce, this versatility allows small business owners to keep their options open for the future.

OPTiM Cloud Hosting continues to offer the long-popular Linux web hosting plan, as well as a variety of hosting plans and options more in-line with the current hosting standards. Full service upgrades to any comprehensive hosting plan from the Linux web hosting plan will be available with no additional fees.

The Linux web hosting plan is priced at $3.99 per month on an annual basis during launch, 50% off its regular price. The promotional period will last through the holiday season until the end of 2019. For additional information about the Linux web hosting plan, please visit: https://www.optim.com.sa/website-hosting/

OPTiM Cloud Hosting has been providing affordable and reliable website hosting, domains, and email since its founding in 2015.
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