SocksLane Closes the Year 2019 with 1600 Reviews and Counting

Portland, OR, January 18, 2020 --( Amanda and Dave Dixon's SocksLane company is right on the pulse as well, with a website and an Amazon storefront that makes it possible for their customers to voice their feedback, and at the end of 2019 and heading into 2020, the company is going strong with more than 1600 reviews from various customers.

Customer satisfaction and happiness is any business' utmost priority. As such, companies that know what they're doing will make sure to provide their clientele with a way to reach out to them and give them feedback. This is made even easier in the modern age, thanks to the world-spanning technology of the internet that not only allows companies to reach wider than ever customer bases, but allows these customers to deliver feedback ad reviews through more means than ever before. Online storefronts cater to these customers, and give them mechanisms like Reviews and Ratings through which the customers can make their satisfaction or lack thereof felt.

SocksLane has always made customer comfort the focus of the company's efforts to provide quality compression socks and other garments. The company has always been swift to respond to customer feedback, which might be a factor in why customers continue to eagerly leave customer reviews for the company. The significant number of purchases made is another factor, as the company's Amazon store continues to receive good traffic and buys.

These may be attributed to the company's consistent popularity, which may in turn be seen to come from the quality offerings the company makes sure to put forth: SocksLane cotton compression socks feature a signature 65%/35% blend of combed cotton and hypoallergenic fabrics, which allow for an allergy-free, breathable compression sock. This composition also characterizes the company's other cotton compression garments, which have been increasing in diversity due to customer demand.

SocksLane products can be purchased as the company's webpage,, or on Amazon at
Amanda Dixon