New Gay and Lesbian Advertising Venue Features Pixel and Web-Tag Exposure

New York, NY, April 12, 2008 --( The Gay Pixel Page and the Gay Tags Page offers the newest approach to providing affordable web-based advertising. The websites offer gay and lesbian friendly blogs, businesses and individuals to link themselves in a repository of similar content.

The websites are designed to provide site visitors an opportunity to find businesses that are supportive of the respected community. Although there are an abundance of directories containing gay and lesbian content, the websites are hoping to encourage members to visit the advertisers listed on the sites by keeping the links valid and the content current. Most importantly, visitors will see tags that are related to the GLBT communities including the pageantry, ballroom, and circuit segments of the community.

The Gay Pixel Page ( and the Gay Tags Page ( are both receiving considerable site-traffic from sponsored sites. Hedgemarks Media Group manages both websites. The group has provided exposure and direct advertising within all of its GLBT managed websites and communities. Embracing the continuous cross-marketing efforts within gay and lesbian virtual communities will prove invaluable to the success of the ventures.

Largely inspired by the Million Dollar Homepage, the sites pale in comparison regarding price by charging only $0.05 per pixel of advertising and web-tags of $5.00 per word-tag on an annual basis. The links on the sites are valid for at least one year depending on the content. The advertisers that generate large responses from visitors are allowed to remain on the site indefinitely without fees.

“We wanted to keep the price-point affordable to bloggers and small businesses whilst giving our visitors an interesting approach to viewing content. The gay and lesbian community represents $400 billion consumer dollars with diverse interests spanning from arts to social issues. Most importantly, advertisers receiving top demand from our site visitors will receive free continuous placement if the position remains.” said Damien Gray, CEO of Variety Board (the parent company of the management group).

The management group fully recognizes that the sites are not designed to generate a large source of revenue. However, the gay and lesbian community represents a $400 billion market deserving advertisers that are also committed to the betterment of the GLBT community.

The Gay Pixel Page and the Gay Tags Page are Hedgemarks Media Group communities sponsored by a privately funded venture designed to promote awareness and equality for the gay and lesbian community. The websites can be reached via and

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