SocksLane Tennis Elbow Sleeve Received Commendation from New Customers

Portland, OR, January 23, 2020 --( SocksLane elbow sleeves are practically new products from the small family owned company. Although new to the market, they have received quite a number of good commendations from new customers. One customer by the name of Amanda said, “This sleeve was exactly what I needed for my tennis elbow. I was looking for something that supported without putting pressure on a narrow point. It was super easy to figure out how to wear. My only complaint is that it takes over 24 hours to dry after washing, and can't be put in a dryer or heated to speed things up. A pair of sleeves would have been a better purchase.”

Another satisfied customer with the handle Jenny said, “My elbow braces arrived fast and I live in Hawaii way South. I have elbow issues after a bad fall a year ago. I'm 65 and it takes longer to bounce back. With my compression sleeves I am more able to carry on with living a full life. Now I am back out doing lifting, and land clearing. The extra support has allowed me to rebuild my muscles and tendons. I am very happy to have these.”

SocksLane is a small company that was started by Amanda Dixon and spouse back in 2015. Amanda realized that compression garments to help out women who stand most hours of their work like nurses, cashiers, doctors, and other people who travel for work. SocksLane compression elbow sleeves are available in Amazon in different sizes range from S-XL. To date, they have the most rated cotton compression garments in Amazon.

SocksLane products are available for purchase from the company website,, or on Amazon at
Amanda Dixon