Nigerian Life Inspired Entertainment from the Fablingverse

Fablingverse opens its website to people interested in African folktales and Mythology. The website offers short stories, light novels, screenplays and a comic-book series for free.

Lagos, Nigeria, February 06, 2020 --( Fablingpam makes her official debut into the world of storytelling with her website Fablingverse ( The Nigerian born story teller features relatable short stories, African folktale and Mythology inspired stories, weekly web series, screenplays, and a monthly comicbook series.

The Fablingverse intends to spread an appreciation for African mythology and folktales - especially stories from Nigeria - around the world. This is why most of their short stories are inspired by the great stories passed down by the Nigerian ancestors.

Another pride point of the Fablingverse is the comicbook series; Lords, which was initially meant to be released as a fan-fiction about Nigeria’s superstars, but took a turn for the better at an executive meeting. It is packed with action and comedy, and will definitely foster the growth of the Nigerian comicbook industry.

Readers are invited to explore the exciting world of The Fablingverse (www.fablingblingverse) and change their Narrative of Nigeria and Africa today.
The Fablingverse
Pamela Okpala