New You Cell Renew Releases Part 2 of a 10 Part Series "ABC’s of Understanding NMN and NAD. What You Need to Know About Your Body’s Ability to Heal Itself."

In part 2, of this 10 part series New You Cell Renew will explore some of the landmark studies and their findings.

Los Angeles, CA, January 23, 2020 --( There are many studies being conducted on NMN focusing on the physical declines everyone experiences as they age. In part 2, of this 10 part series, New You Cell Renew will explore NMN studies being done on a wide variety of diseases as well as studies on how NMN increases physical stamina and overall wellness. One reason NMN effects so many different areas of the body is because it is not a drug. It does not try to change how the body works. Scientist are exploring how NMN helps the body increase NAD production and how this effects the human body. Any benefits derived from taking NMN is due to the increase in NAD. NAD travels into the human cell to repair damaged or destroyed DNA and RNA. The NAD increase experienced due to the proper dose of NMN can not only help with one type of cell in the body but all cells. NAD is the body’s natural way to heal itself. This is why New You Cell Renews NMN helps normalize many different processes in the body.
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Deborah Smith