MGR Ventures Introduces New Light-Weight Uplifter Handcart

MGR Ventures introduces a new light-weight version of it's innovative Uplifter Handcart. The Uplifter handcart automatically lifts and lowers packages for the user to prevent stress and injury to the back. The unit requires no power and carries the same footprint as a regular handcart.

Springfield, OH, April 12, 2008 --( In October of 2006 one of the earliest of prototypes for the Uplifter Handcart was shown to attendees at the American Beverage Association trade show, also known as Interbev, in Las Vegas. The new handcart promised to reduce the need for bending while lifting during deliveries. While attendees were impressed and marveled at the functional aspects of the product, they did have one concern. The 65 lb. weight of the first prototype made the product less portable than some were looking for. MGR Ventures took the feedback to heart and set about reducing the weight. Now, a new 52 lb. model is available.

After a year of fine-tuning the design, the company has now introduced a sleek 52 lb. model that offers customers all the benefits of the previous model, but at a lighter weight. The new 52 lb. model weighs just a little more than a traditional industrial handcart, which usually weighs in at roughly 38 lbs.

Innovative new design concepts like the new "swiss cheese" lift and base plates reduced a substantial amount of weight with no reduction in strength or functionality. Some internal components were also replaced with lighter-weight metals, also without sacrificing strength. Each part of the product was examined to look for areas where weight could be reduced. When they were finished, they were able to cut a total of 13 lbs. of weight.

"This new design represents a significant milestone in our company's history," said Dick Spies, President of MGR Ventures. "We've addressed the number 1 concern of our customers by reducing the weight. Now the Uplifter can become a more viable option for those looking for portability as well as the benefits of the Uplifter's auto lifting and lowering mechanism," said Spies.

The new light-weight model joins the line-up of Uplifter Handcarts as the premier choice for the beverage industry. Currently three models exist; the new light-weight model, referred to as the "BEV Beverage Model," the standard model, referred to as the "DL Model" and the heavy-duty model referred to as the "HD Heavy Duty Model." Frames on all handcarts handle a maximum weight of 500 lbs. The Heavy Duty model is designed to lift heavier individual packages than most standard applications require.

About the Uplifter Handcart

The Uplifter Handcart is an ergonomic product designed to address the root cause of back injury in the workplace by providing a handcart with automatic lifting and lowering capability built-in. The patented automatic lifting and lowering mechanism requires no power to operate. The Uplifter carries the same basic footprint as a regular handcart allowing it to function in the same places and environments as a traditional handcart.

The Uplifter Handcart follows National Institute for Safety and Health (NIOSH) suggested practices for reducing back injury by reducing the need to bend from the waist.* Weight settings for automatic lift and lowering are based on package weight and type. The Uplifter's weight settings can be tailored to a particular industry or customer's needs at the factory during order fulfillment. The Uplifter's default weight settings are for the beverage distribution industry.

About MGR Ventures
MGR Ventures is a privately held company based in Springfield, Ohio, with a satellite office in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company designs and develops ergonomic solutions for business. The company's main product is the Uplifter Handcart, which has been in development for a number of years.

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