New Solar Panel Generates Electricity at Night

Solar Breakthrough Produces Constant Energy from the Sun’s Gamma Rays

Phoenix, AZ, January 30, 2020 --( ZPower Corporation has developed a new solar technology that produces electricity constantly, both day and night. This technology works by collecting the non-visible energy of the sun, specifically gamma and cosmic energy.

“The ZPower Solar technology provides round-the-clock electricity, which is what electric utilities want; energy that is clean, affordable and constant.” - Reed Huish, President of ZPower.

Due to climate change, the world is rapidly moving toward renewable energy sources. This new solar technology has the potential to make photovoltaic panels obsolete. The best two are solar panels and wind turbines. But these are intermittent, only producing power for 6 hours a day.

Electricity needs are continuous, especially for residential energy needs at night. Utility companies require complex and expensive solutions, such as batteries, to provide continual electricity from renewable sources.

ZPower is demonstrating its continual solar technology to business partners, raising capital to build a utility-scale product that produces electricity for 500 homes. The company intends to launch its first product in 2021.

ZPower is changing the world of energy through Clean, Affordable and Constant solar technology. For more information, visit
Reed Huish
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