SocksLane Compression Socks Ranks #1 in Socks for Nurses in

Portland, OR, January 31, 2020 --( ranks SocksLane Compression Socks #1 for Nurses. Adam and Jill, a husband-and-wife team runs, a blog website which is all about recommending socks to its readers. Their six-year hobby has led them to a point where their recommendations are being listened to by their readers.

Amanda and Dave Dixon's company SocksLane has taken pride in itself on quality products which is why they have been under the radar of One of Socksaholic's blog entries have focused on recommendations to nurses who have a long, exhausting working hours of up to 12 hours a day, which involves long hours of sitting, walking or standing.

According to socksaholic, a good pair of compression socks can help reduce fatigue and soreness of the legs. It can prevent varicose and spider veins. Overall, it provides ease and comfort. This is made possible through a breathable blend of combed cotton and hypoallergenic fibers. says every nurse should wear compression socks as they write: “Compression socks are a must for nurses because they tend to solve a lot of medical conditions related to long working hours and exhaustion. Following are the main benefits of wearing compression socks:they reduce swelling and injuries, they prevent varicose or spider veins, they reduce soreness, they provide coolness and reduce fatigue"

Nurses or anyone who wants to give them a hand can get SocksLane products via the company website,, or on Amazon at
Amanda Dixon