Canterbury Property Services Launch New Website

Canterbury Property Services, the Queensland-based property investment consultants, have launched a new version of their website that enables potential clients to visualise the steps involved in buying an investment property and the potential wealth creation that can be achieved.

Sunnybank Hills, Australia, April 13, 2008 --( By offering this introduction to the potential benefits of investing in property, the website enables visitors to consider the stages involved before requesting a more detailed personal consultation with a representative of the company. The new site also outlines the type of system developed by Canterbury Property Services and includes the process undertaken by a typical client, from the point when they first start the investment process, through the different stages of the strategy up until a typical situation after 5 years.

Although the website provides information and examples for prospective new investors, the company still stresses that every case will be unique and although the illustrations shown are based on previous examples, each new client will need to have a detailed discussion with a representative from Canterbury Property Services to help understand and develop an investment strategy that’s best suited to them.

The website also includes a 10 point checklist for property investors to consider, as well as several illustrative scenarios with real clients to outline the potential returns that could be achieved. The content points out how the property market can fluctuate and that it is always a good time to begin investing in property, since investors need to start sometime and so the site provides a simple online form and telephone number for prospective customers to make the initial contact and to set up a meeting with an experienced consultant.

Canterbury Property Services are an independent firm of property investment consultants providing advice and unique strategies for over 600 property investors. Established since 1980, Canterbury are not investment advisors, accountants, or real estate agents but they have developed a depth of knowledge, experience and credibility through conducting hundreds of property investments throughout Australia. Having started with nothing, the people behind Canterbury Property Services have developed a successful system of property investment that works. All key staff at the company have significant property assets and they now pass this experience on to new investors.

Canterbury Property Services
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