ScheduleCleaner Released New Version with Added Support for Working with XML Files

Malmo, Sweden, February 14, 2020 --( ScheduleCleaner(TM), the software solution that helps project teams share sensitive and confidential schedule data in a safe way, launched its new version 2.3.

ScheduleCleaner(TM) was first released in February, 2019, by the team behind the ScheduleReader(TM) application, the innovative viewer for project schedules that revolutionizes how project information is communicated on major projects in the construction and engineering, oil and gas and other industries.

As a desktop application for Windows, ScheduleCleaner(TM) allows project schedulers, planners, and other project participants to remove or clean more than 80 categories of project data both in XER and XML project files including Units, Rates, Project Progress, POBS data and more.

The application can also anonymize or mask data values in project files which ensures sensitive data is kept confidential during transfers and can even convert Global to Project data which helps to prepare a project file for database imports.

The new 2.3 version release contains several new features that enable ScheduleCleaner(TM) to additionally work with schedules in the XML file format:

The new features in the latest version 2.3 are as follows:
1. Create Templates for project’s modification in an XML file
2. Quick Clean XML file
3. Remove Project Data in XML file
4. Mask Project Data in XML file
5. Insert Prefix/suffix to Project Data in XML file
6. Remove Project Baselines from an XML file

Additionally, in the latest 2.3 version, new functionalities for working with XER files such as masking Documents, Resource Curves and Risks, inserting Prefix/Suffix to Resource Curves, WBS Milestones, Budget Changes and changing the output file version number to 19.12 of Primavera P6 are also included.

To download a 15-day free trial version of ScheduleCleaner(TM) and learn more about the product and the different licensing models available visit the official website: schedulecleaner(dot)com

ScheduleCleaner(TM) is compatible with and can be used with Oracle® Primavera® P6®. It is an independently developed product and it is not a product of Oracle®, nor is it endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with or by Oracle®. Oracle®, Primavera® and P6® are registered trademarks and brands of Oracle® Corporation and/or its affiliates.

Seavus® is the Global Master Distributor of ScheduleCleaner(TM).

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