Delivering Health Advice at Your Fingertips: Smartcaredoc

SmartCareDoc is a telehealth platform that matches highly vetted Doctors and Patients. SmartCareDoc brings together doctors and patients online from the comfort of your own home or office. Best of all, SmartCareDoc delivered digitally!

Brisbane, Australia, February 20, 2020 --( SmartCareDoc launches in Australia, a new Telehealth app designed to give patients the ability to see a doctor or GP at their fingertips 24 hours 7 days a week. For serving patients' healthcare needs who are at a great distance from medical facilities and when patients are unable to go because of disabilities or not able to get help to go to medical clinics.

Doctor Pande, brought this successful and useful app from the US said that “The feedback we’ve heard from both Doctors and Patients about wanting a more accessible avenue to getting doctors advice during and outside of clinic times.” This was prevalent after running his own practice in Brisbane for over 20 years. “My mission is to make healthcare conveniently available anywhere anytime without geographic or weather barriers,” says Dr Pande.

Patients can feel at ease that at any time whereby they need professional advice from a GP or Practitioner, either outside of business hours could do so. Being able to leverage today’s technology allows this service to assist with patients also not being physically able at the time to see a GP when needed.

Unlike other online platforms, SmartCareDoc is a comprehensive telehealth app which enables the user to see a GP as if you were in a clinic, get a prescription and professional advice in less than 15 minutes. SmartCareDoc doesn’t replace the need to see a doctor physically however, it can be used in any emergency in the event prompt doctors advice is needed, along with a prescription when necessary, giving patients the opportunity to skip the line or waiting at a clinic to get general health advice.

“We’re keeping abreast of the changing environments and the busy day to day lives people live, that sometimes don’t give them to opportunity to see a doctor or get a prescription when needed. Those seeking immediate advice can download the app and fill in their patient details to see a doctor instantly or the closest available time. With over 1000 doctors available Australia wide, you won’t have to wait long to get professional advice in your own home or office through the use of your mobile. At SmartCareDoc our relationship with technology is about staying close to our patients,” Dr Pande said.

You can download the app on android or the app store now but searching Smartcaredoc. The app is now available to anyone looking for a reliable doctor online 24hours 7 days a week.
Dr Braj Pande
(07) 3862 8811