A New Toy Company is on a Mission to Fight Fright

The Shrunk's Family Toy Company Introduces a New Line of Fear Fighting Tools.

Saint Cloud, MN, April 13, 2008 --(PR.com)-- The Shrunk’s Family Toy Company (www.theshrunks.com) is on a world-wide mission to win The Fight Against Fright by introducing a new line of tools designed to help kids address and conquer common fears through play. What are you afraid of? Is it the dark? Is it what's under your bed? Is it those unexplained noises in the middle of the night? Whatever your fear, The Shrunk’s has introduced some of the coolest products on the planet to help Make Your Fear Disappear.

The Fear Gear line includes: The Yell’r blow horn and Blow’r whistle to alert mom and dad of imaginary fears, the See’r flashlight to investigate strange noises and shadows, the Big’r magnifying glass to get a closer look, and the Mist’r sprayer to neutralize scary things (includes lavender to scent the water). The premier design of these wellness tools are distinctly kid-friendly - chunky and appealing for small hands, but very cool to leave on the desk for design appreciative adults to see.

The Ududoll line of plush characters includes: Ghost, Closet, Thunder, Under The Bed, Alien, Pillowman and Mr. Tooth decay each come in sizes 12” 8” and 4”. Very cute and very frightened, the Udu's bring friendship to fear by befriending what kid's are afraid of. Also, these make great gifts for teens and adults seeking cute, trendy and cuddly. Additionally, if soft, molded plastic is preferred, meet the fearless guard dog Sunny. Available in 8” and 4”, he sleeps with one eye open and one eye closed, so that he can watch over you when you are sleeping. Combat tested to scare any fear away.

Tuckaire Low Phthalate Air Beds Includes: Toddl'r child’s airbed and Stor'r twin family airbed assures families will get more than a great night's sleep; they will get a non-toxic one. The Shrunk’s Tuckaire Airbeds are the first to offer airbeds constructed of PVC containing less than 0.05% phthalates. They not only comply with the State of California's recent legislation restricting the use of PVC containing more than 0.1% phthalates for children's toys and child care products, Tuckaire’s exceed it by 500 ppm. Additionally, Tuckaire Toddl’r and Stor’r airbeds feature the patented Tuckaire System which allows the sheets to be tucked snugly under the mattress and off the floor keeping them clean.

The Shrunk’s Family Toy Company will begin shipping products in May. To contact them directly dial 1-320-266-7309 or e mail them at sales@theshrunks.com.

The Shrunk's Family Toy Company
Scott Severson