New Social Networking Site for Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants now have a new online community that is dedicated solely to them.

Charlottetown, PE, Canada, April 14, 2008 --( AVA is born - The Alliance of Virtual Assistants is the “newest kid on the block” in the world of Virtual Assistant networking sites. It is a bit different to others in that it is based on the social networking model. AVA gives its members their own page to express their personality, groups, blogs, a forum, and the ability to upload videos and pictures.

AVA is a great way for Virtual Assistants to connect with each other and with the public. If someone is looking for a VA, they can go to the site and post an RFP which will be sent to all the members of the network. AVA will give Virtual Assistants a venue to share with each other, support each other, and socialize with each other.

Darrell Williams,of Right-Hand-Man Virtual Assistant Services, the Virtual Assistant that created AVA says, “The work of a VA can be, due to its nature, a lonely job. Since we usually work from home, by ourselves, VAs can easily become isolated. AVA will help us connect with each other in a unique way. Many of us belong to other VA groups and social networking sites, but AVA combines the best of both worlds.”

The Alliance of Virtual Assistants is giving away a free gift to the first Virtual Assistants that join. “Essential Article Marketing Secrets” an e-book written by Darrell Williams will be emailed to the first 50 VAs who sign up. As AVA grows, it will also offer advertising space, resources, contests and events. Williams says, “We want to see a real community grow out of AVA.”

You can find AVA at

Right-Hand-Man Virtual Assistant Services
Darrell A. Williams