New Social Networking Site for Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants now have a new online community that is dedicated solely to them. - April 14, 2008

One Year of Virtual Assistant Success

This past year has brought a lot of virtual success for Darrell Williams of Right-Hand-Man Virtual Assistant Services. - April 08, 2008

Virtual Assistant Practice Adds Travel Agent Services

Darrell Williams wanted to offer a full service virtual assistant practice. He kept feeling like there was something missing. After much research, Williams decided to become an Independent Travel Agent and offer travel agent services to his clients. Williams' Right-Hand-Man Virtual Assistant Services now offers Travel Agent Services through his new business "Freedom Now Travel." - April 07, 2008

Survey Shows the Growing Need for Virtual Assistants

Right-Hand-Man Virtual Assistant Services is ready to meet the needs of the 64% of the adult population that sees the value of hiring a virtual assistant. - January 29, 2008

Virtual Assistant Practice Adds Resources for Clients and Other VAs

Right-Hand-Man Virtual Assistant Services, a multi-VA practice, is now offering resources to other VAs and their small business clients. You can now purchase the “7 Essential Keys for Responding to VA RFPs” e-book and its companion, “7 Essential Keys for Writing VA RFPs” on... - January 27, 2008

Virtual Assistant Deal with High Canadian Dollar

Virtual businesses based in Canada have to adjust to meet the surge in the Canadian dollar. - December 05, 2007

Who is Your Virtual Assistant?

You have your lawyer, your trainer, your accountant, your hairdresser, and even your mechanic. Do you have your Virtual Assistant yet? - July 02, 2007

Virtual Assistants in the News

The Virtual Assistant industry has caught the eye of the national press. - April 25, 2007

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