San Diego Mayoral Candidate Steve Francis Takes Stand to Preserve Historic San Diegan Homes

Candidate for Mayor of San Diego, Steve Francis, makes statement supporting the Mills act and advocates the preservation of San Diego’s historic buildings.

San Diego, CA, April 16, 2008 --( Steve Francis, a San Diego mayoral candidate, released this statement regarding the preservation of historical homes in San Diego:

"It has come to my attention that policy changes are underway at City Hall that will jeopardize efforts to save historical homes in the City of San Diego. I strongly urge local lawmakers to mend the Mills Act, not end it. The small loss in tax revenue that benefits qualifying homes is outweighed by the enhanced value they add to our community and the millions of dollars generated through specialized property maintenance and historical tourism. It is a worthy investment, and I will stand by it.

To be sure, I support common-sense reforms to the Act, including inspections and stronger, more detailed contractual agreements between the City and property owners. But supporting a cap on contracts and adding unnecessary red tape is short-sighted and benefits some developers who are motivated to change the character of our neighborhoods for profit.

As Mayor, I would oppose efforts to cap the number of historical homes that can receive Mills Act contracts, and I would also oppose new eligibility requirements that would effectively prevent most homeowners from qualifying. City Hall should be encouraging the efforts of our historic preservation movement and the desires of property owners to retain the unique architecture and fixtures of their cherished homes.

San Diegans are proud that we have more Mills Act properties in our city than anywhere else in California. Preserving the character of our community is important to our quality of life, and important to tourism. City residents can trust that I will protect our historical neighborhoods and homeowners from poor policy changes."

About Steve Francis
Steve Francis, businessman and entrepreneur, is a candidate for Mayor of San Diego. At the heart of his independent mayoral campaign is the desire to free San Diego from the grip of special interests and to restore fiscal integrity, ethics and transparency in city government. Francis, best known as co-founder and Chairman of AMN Healthcare (NYSE:AHS), has pledged that he will remain free from the influences of special interests by not accepting any political contributions from lobbyists, thus ensuring that the voices of everyday San Diegans will be heard.

Steve Francis for Mayor
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