GiveCentral Provides Urgent Support as Charities Respond to COVID19 During the Season of Lent

Critical communication and giving support during this time of tragedy and uncertainty

GiveCentral Provides Urgent Support as Charities Respond to COVID19 During the Season of Lent
Chicago, IL, March 17, 2020 --( Lent is ordinarily a time for prayer, reflection and renewal. It is also a great time to connect and build better relationships. In this solemn time for churches and charities who are being required to suspend many activities due to the spread of the Coronavirus, it is more challenging than ever to minister.

GiveCentral is helping more than 500 churches now reach out to their community to provide prayer and comfort. The online fundraising platform is helping people to connect with their churches to share their prayer needs, requests for home visits and other critical concerns. It is more important than ever to engage even virtually when we cannot touch the hands of those in our communities.

GiveCentral is also able to help charities to continue to ask for the funds necessary to support their ministries.

With GiveCentral, it only takes seconds for those in the community to ask for prayers or other help. Engagement is made possible via mobile, desktop, text or email. The community members can continue supporting their parishes in seconds as well.

For other charities needing help, GiveCentral will have staff available for extended hours to help for the next several weeks. The platform believes that all charities need to be able to continue their ministries, and GiveCentral will be there to help. In order to make this as easy as possible, GiveCentral will help with the set up for communications including texting, mobile and video streaming in less than 24 hours. It will also waive all start up costs for the next fours weeks to help in this time of real need. The main goal of GiveCentral is to help charities as they struggle to respond.

GiveCentral will also help the charities reach out to their communities for financial support for their ministry. This support will become even more critical in the days. GiveCentral is unique in its ability to help locations respond quickly to its community.

GiveCentral is helping charities with communications with a focus on prayerfulness, reflection and support. These communications become even more important at this time. The fundraising platform has helped charities reach out to tens of thousands of donors in the last few days with prayer, communication and support. "We would encourage any charity needing help to reach out to us immediately," says Patrick Coleman, CEO of GiveCentral.

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