Employers Utilize LifeBalance Stress Management Tools to Cut Costs

As rising health care and absenteeism costs are frequently attributed to employee stress, companies of all sizes are taking time to examine effective and cost efficient methods for managing employee stress.

Portland, OR, April 16, 2008 --(PR.com)-- From a 1983 Time Magazine cover naming stress as the epidemic of the 80s to a 2008 HealthDay article linking stress to an increased risk of cervical cancer, it is apparent that stress transcends the test of time to remain an enormous concern for Americans.

As new studies continue to report the impact of stress on overall health, many businesses are discovering that stress issues have moved from creating a happy workplace to bottom line dollars and cents. In fact, The American Institute of Stress reports that “Employers spend an estimated 300 billion dollars a year on stress-related absenteeism, turnover, lowered productivity and direct medical, legal and insurance costs.” However, many Northwest employers, with the guidance of the LifeBalance Program, have taken matters into their own hands and are working to combat stress before it manifests into a more expensive problem.

XeniumHR is one area business that is making sure to prevent the high costs of stress. Kirk Nelson of XeniumHR said, “Implementing the LifeBalance Program decreases the likelihood of stress and related expenses, costly turnover and recruiting challenges. We have found that a strong message is sent to the employees that we care about them. LifeBalance has been an important part of our benefit package."

Since the causes and symptoms of stress differ vastly based on countless factors, The LifeBalance Program has adapted a new methodology that allows employers to provide employees with customizable stress management solutions. This unique approach empowers employers to reduce costs with a turn-key program while offering employees individualized opportunities that are essential to manage stress.

The tools available are based on the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society and Mayo Clinic’s suggested methods for coping with stress and include educational information, online tools to monitor progress and local resources and events all centered around engaging in regular physical activity, meditation, relaxation, overcoming burnout and seeking support.

“The LifeBalance Program’s stress management tools range from personal coaching where an employee could find individualized support and craft a plan to overcome stressors to travel and tours where the workaholic could find all of the resources necessary to plan a discounted family vacation to an employer offering meditation/yoga and relaxation/massage classes and services to employees at the worksite,” said Dave Miller, LifeBalance Program Director. “Each individual truly has the opportunity to select the tools that will help manage stress in their unique situation.”

XeniumHR is a regional HR service company providing project based consultation to front-end HR management, payroll to performance reviews and handbooks to handshakes, XeniumHR delivers high performing HR results. Together with local employment attorneys, benefits, risk management, and payroll specialists, XeniumHR provides the most progressive and proactive turnkey employer services, customized to meet unique business challenges.

The LifeBalance Program, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, has been helping clients and members achieve an active, healthy and balanced life through recreational, cultural and wellness activities, events and resources since 1996. The LifeBalance Program is sold to businesses as an employer sponsored employee benefit or bundled into health/association plan offerings as a value added wellness component and healthy lifestyle promotion. The LifeBalance Program currently supports over 1,500 clients and 400,000 LifeBalance Program members in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah and Washington. Existing strategic relationships include Providence Health Plan, Associated General Contractors, CHP, Pacific Health Trust, Providence Health & Services, Municipality of Anchorage, PeaceHealth, West Coast Bank and Xenium. Visit www.LifeBalanceProgram.com for more information.

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Erin Michaelis