Local Non-Profit Vision Help Foundation Improves Public Health Awareness During COVID-19 Pandemic

St Louis, MO, March 30, 2020 --(PR.com)-- This week marks the launch of new non-profit Vision Help Foundation at www.VisionHelpFoundation.org. The group, which has worked extensively with impoverished populations in Haiti, is expanding to improve public health awareness, child access to education, and economic development in places of need around the world.

VHF is currently working with local government, schools, and churches to support preparedness and prevention activities for COVID-19. VHF will work with mayors on the border of Haiti-Dominican Republic to coordinate prevention education programs to the public

VHF was recently approved as an official non-profit by the IRS. They are accepting tax deductible donations from interested individuals and businesses who want to help in local and international efforts.

The foundation provides charity care for marginalized patients who may have difficulty finding appropriate treatment during the crises. VHF cooperates with a number of St. Louis area and overseas doctors who assist with skills and expertise.

Recently VHF was awarded a Google Ad Grant for $120,000 in no-cost advertising. This allows them to increase public awareness and education with a new ad campaign. The foundation also received a Microsoft Non-Profit Award that gives them $3,500 annually in use of Microsoft Azure platform and Microsoft Office.

VHF is actively searching for donors to help expand their funding both locally and in impoverished areas around the world.

"We intend to expand our work in poor communities where local governments and other nonprofit organizations do not have enough resources to reach," said Keller Polynice and Velly Duverny, VHF founders.

VHF plans to conduct yearly campaigns to improve public awareness around cancer, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS. The foundation works with local schools to provide improved health education. They also help disadvantaged populations internationally. This can include paying school fees for orphans who have never attended school before.

The foundation intends to provide small loans to help women start their own business. This empowers local women to support their families while enjoying greater advancement and potential for a better life.

Learn more about Vision Help Foundation and support their non-profit activities at www.VisionHelpFoundation.org.
Vision Help Foundation
Velly Duverny