System Analytic Launches Superfly Core – A Powerful "Out of the Box"’ KOL Management Tool

KOL management.

London, United Kingdom, April 04, 2020 --( System Analytic, a leading provider of KOL-focussed digital tools and services for pharmaceutical companies, today announced the launch of Superfly Core, a new member of its Superfly family of KOL management tools.

Global Medical Affairs teams typically have a small number of important KOLs whom they need to track, manage, and engage with on a proactive basis. Superfly Core is our straight-out-of-the-shiny-box KOL management solution that’s engineered with just one purpose – to help you plan, manage, and track your work with your most important KOLs.

Medical teams often encounter the same pains when it comes to KOL management - how do we create effective engagement plans in one centralised location, how do we know which KOL will support us in which activity, how do we monitor the usage of our KOLs across our different activities and initiatives, how do we quickly build an organisational memory of our KOL work, how do we know which KOL came to which advisory board?

Easy to implement, easy-to-use, easy to configure, with no instruction manuals or lengthy training, the intuitive workflows of Superfly Core help you to start solving all these pains and start planning, managing, and tracking your work with Experts in seconds.

KOL Management is a broad term that, in our work, refers to the complete life cycle of identifying, mapping, segmenting, planning, engaging, and interacting with KOLs. From beginning to end. In reality, KOL Management is a never-ending cycle — it’s an ongoing process that requires constant fine-tuning and midcourse corrections to ensure you are working with the right people, in the right way, at the right time, through the right initiatives. Superfly Core is designed to help you manage that cycle for your most important KOLs.

Dr Sanjay Singhvi, a Director at System Analytic, said “Oh, and Superfly Core is completely free to use for the first year, giving you plenty of time to evaluate its value, and to fall in love with it. And frankly, why wouldn’t you?”

About System Analytic:

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