CodersLink COVID-19 Support Program for SMB’s Hiring Tech Talent

The staffing firm CodersLink is releasing an SMB aid program to help businesses maintain their operations and keep hiring remote tech professionals during the coronavirus COVID-19 healthcare crisis.

San Antonio, TX, April 08, 2020 --( In the midst of the coronavirus healthcare crisis and its economic impact, CodersLink recognizes the importance of startups and SMBs in the economy and how technology plays a fundamental role in their growth. In response, CodersLink is launching a $500,000 support program that provides annual discounts ranging from $2,000 USD to $6,000 USD per job with no limit on the number of hires a qualifying company can make under the program.

CodersLink founders and team members are familiar with the challenges of starting and growing a company and realize that today, more than ever, everyone must work together to get through this public health emergency and it’s economical consequences. The CodersLink COVID-19 Support Program program is meant to help companies weather the storm while keeping their tech teams strong.

Program Details

Only applies to Startups and SMBs

From $2,000 to $6,200 USD in annual discounts per hire

80 job openings or $500,000 in discounts available, whichever is hit first

Weekly educational and informational content on remote team management best practices

No limit on the number of hires made by a single qualifying company

Companies looking to apply for the program have to fill a ten-question application form on the following website:

Once applied, it takes up to two business days to receive a response.

About CodersLink: CodersLink is a technology staffing company based out of San Antonio, Texas. It helps scaling companies grow and augment their tech teams with pre-vetted and bilingual talent from Mexico and Latin America. CodersLink has helped more than 70 US partners build-remote tech teams from a single developer to a whole team by connecting them to our community of more than 12,000 tech engineers, designers, and developers.
Jesus Lopez