Withstanding the Load - Outdoor Flooring System Holds Up Under the Pressure

Professionally tested decking support system elePHOOT® handled the weight when put under pressure.

Portland, OR, April 09, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Outdoor Floor System®, a company specializing in engineered parts that surpass the required load value for tile installation on a raised deck surface.

(elePHOOT® deck plank panel EP01, being put to the test under >8000 LBF (>1600 PSF) of pressure)

Outdoor Floor System® has ensured that all packages offered meet the ASTM-E72 load values. For raised deck installations elePHOOT® can withstand even more. elePHOOT® was put to the test and successfully withstood >8000 LBF (>1600 PSF) without failure. Meaning it can withstand up to 8000 pounds of force or 1600 pounds of pressure per square foot. Always meeting industry standards for all product parts, Outdoor Floor System® works to exceed industry requirements in an effort to support its clients and their design needs.

The Tile Council of North America Inc. states the traditionally “accepted minimum requirement for floor rigidity is L/360.” However, recent research has floors failing at L/600 which is greater than the minimum requirement. That means floor rigidity cannot be “based on deflection measurements but on empirically established methods found to work over normal code construction.” Knowing that deflection is allowed it must be calculated what can be handled.

For Outdoor Floor System® the minimum is never enough and they will continue to push industry standards.
Outdoor Floor System
Patricia Christensen