Hodusoft Call Center Software Helps You Handle Customer Calls in COVID-19 Era

The COVID-19 Pandemic does not look as it will go away any time too soon and, in the meantime, business and governments face an acute communication-coordination problem due to enforced lockdown.

Ahmedabad, India, April 11, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Hodusoft announced availability of its call center software on special terms for businesses and governments to facilitate remote working. “These are tough times for everyone,” said the VP, “and we are chipping in with our special offer for business and governments to make use of our omnichannel call center software to be available, reach out and provide services to customers and to the public at large.”

When social distancing is the norm and people must work from home there is an extra burden on the communication system. Simple phone lines are not sufficient to handle customers who may call for information, guidance and services. The omnichannel feature of Hodusoft’s contact center software comes in useful. Callers first go into the IVR and obtain information or services at first point of contact. Should their needs be different an agent takes over and handles the call. If necessary the conversation can shift to social media channels or conferencing to include more people. In the normal course all these functions would be handled from the office but employees must work from home. The call center solution adapts to the changed situation and lets them carry out duties from home using their laptop or smartphone. There are no disruptions and customers stay satisfied.

Hodusoft’s contact center software offers all the usual features such as IVR voice response system, predictive dialer, skill based mapping and automatic call distribution even though employees may be sitting at home. The call goes through to the concerned agent best equipped to handle a customer. One of the best features is WebRTC that allows audio and video chat and conferencing in addition to document sharing through a browser interface. That makes it easy to set up and operate customer services for the business and for customers to get in touch with the company. The call center software does what simple telephony simply cannot.

Hodusoft’s contact center software is omnichannel and can be used innovatively by government departments and law agencies that must handle public calls, disseminate information and give advice when any member of the public calls. It can be used to keep track of quarantined patients and know status of their health without personnel having to be deployed for constant monitoring. Such agencies can maintain social media channels and use the contact center solution to post announcements. It can be used by NGOs and smaller public service groups that are working hard to bring relief and succor to those badly affected by the lockdown, providing food, medicines and essential services. Hodusoft, said the VP, generously grants them use of the software on very favorable terms.

However, it is business that must keep going to generate revenues and maintain liquidity during this extended lockdown period or face issues and go under. Hodusoft’s omnichannel call center solution assures continuity of business services and customer retention. It is useful in other ways too such as tying up with logistics people and drivers of trucks to ascertain position and expected arrival time. Businesses can use it for business and for social purpose too as a helpline and guidance center.

Hodusoft welcomes business and government departments worldwide to take advantage of their special offer for contact center software. Interested parties are welcome to call 91 8866728362, 1-707-708-4638 or chat live on https://hodusoft.com/contact-center-software/.

Source: https://www.prlog.org/12817977-hodusoft-call-center-software-helps-you-handle-customer-calls-in-covid-19-era.html
Sindhav Bhagirath