Automation Devices, Inc. Considered Essential Business, Plays an Integral Role in COVID-19 Efforts

Erie, PA, April 17, 2020 --( Automation Devices, Inc (ADI), a vibratory feeding equipment manufacturer is supporting the COVID-19 pandemic efforts by providing essential equipment to customers in the biomedical and healthcare industries whose products are in great demand as the world battles Coronavirus. As the entire population is recovering or in the midst of a shutdown and stay at home orders, Automation Devices as been deemed an essential business by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf. This waiver provided by the state, allows ADI to operate under normal operations and hours, while adhering to the health and safety requirements and social distancing guidelines as prescribed by health and government officials.

A re-opening of ADI stemmed from the requests of multiple customers, ranging from medical and health, to household and food commodities, lobbying that ADI open to manufacture custom vibratory feeders needed as an integral component in life sustaining efforts against COVID-19.

Across the state of Pennsylvania, over 32,000 businesses petitioned for essential business waivers. “We’re very fortunate that the state evaluated our case and recognized the necessity of ADI vibratory equipment for our customers who provide vital equipment on the front lines,” says ADI President Kevin Smith.

ADI customers are manufacturing a diverse range of products in a variety of sectors from viral transport mediums and test kits for COVID-19, to capping equipment and pump components for sanitizing soaps. All of these items are critical in the diagnosis and protection against Coronavirus.

“By partnering with ADI, our automation systems are saving time and creating efficiency in situations where time is absolutely critical," says Smith. “ADI’s vibratory equipment also enables manufacturing environments to require less hands-on in the manufacturing process, creating not only speed in the delivery of parts, but also the protection of workers as social distancing requirements are on the rise,” explains Smith.

“Our priorities remain the same. We strive to provide our customers with the quality and durability they’ve come to expect, and supply these products as quickly as we can, in an era where delivery time means more now than ever,” says Smith. “In providing great service to our customers, it’s also imperative that we simultaneously protect the health and well-being of our employees and take prudent steps in promoting their safety,” adds Smith.

Automation Devices, Inc. is a vibratory feeder manufacturer in Fairview, PA specializing in vibratory feeders, inline feeders, hoppers and vibratory controllers. ADI offers in stock products and custom designed systems. For more information on their products or to learn more about their supporting role to COVID-19 , please visit or call 814-474-5561.
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