Maine's Pink Lady Goes Green

Portland, ME, April 17, 2008 --( Maine State House Representative Meredith Strang Burgess is associated with the color pink through her efforts to push awareness of Breast Cancer and raise funds for research into the disease, but now she is also going green.

Burgess who owns one of Maine’s oldest and most successful Advertising Agencies – Burgess Advertising and Associates – has turned the agency totally green as part of the company’s re-branding.

“To celebrate our 21st year in business, we decided it was time for a revamp. Just like any business it’s important to stay current, on-trend and relevant to key target audiences. We’ve been good stewards of our clients’ brands and after 21 years it was time to take care of our own,” said Strang Burgess.

“Our rebranding starts with our new name - Burgess Advertising & Marketing, our new not-so-subtle green logo and our new philosophy that being green goes well beyond a logo and fresh paint on the doors,” she said.

“Adding “Marketing” to our name reflects the importance of solutions that don’t fit the traditional definition of “advertising.” Plus it reflects the work we do, and the reality you know… advertising is but one tool in the tool kit that we use to help position companies and sell products.”

But the thing Strang Burgess is most proud of in the re-branding, is turning the company truly and totally Green.

“With new green doors and a big green “B” we decided to go green all the way - which isn’t easy in an old, creaky house! Our incandescent bulbs have been traded for CFLs, we’ve lowered our thermostats, we’re recycling everything that’s not nailed down – from plastics to paper to ink cartridges – and we’ve purchased wind power to offset all the rest of our carbon emissions,” she said.

“The only thing we haven’t changed is our unwavering commitment to provide our clients with the best of our energy, enthusiasm and passion to do great work for our clients - on time, on budget and most importantly, on strategy. It’s the Burgess Way. . . it’s our culture. . . it’s just the way we work.”

To let Team Burgess clients know about the changes at Burgess and to mark the company now being truly Green, Strang Burgess and company CEO Judy Katzel recently wrote to all clients (on recycled paper of course) telling them about the re-branding and sending them a little green memento – a shopping bag made of 100 percent recycled materials.

These arrived just a month after all Burgess clients received a unique Christmas gift – energy efficient light bulbs.

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