Givecentral Resources for COVID-19 Help Churches Increase Their Donation

Effective fundraising for nonprofit organizations

Chicago, IL, April 19, 2020 --( GiveCentral is an online fundraising platform that is aiding more than 500 churches reach out to their community and provide help resources. In an attempt to bring about an actual positive impact, the online platform has generated pre-built custom giving features that organizations would need to enable one-click giving. The platform has been promoting online and mobile giving. Remote giving has become the best way to donate, be it through fundraising pages on a desktop or a mobile device. GiveCentral also puts emphasis on Text-to-Engage, which allows donors to complete the process in a short span of time. The keyword "QUICK" allows communities to make prayer requests and share their contact information.

It has never been more important to retain bonds and connections, virtual communication and giving are the ideal solution. Locations such as Our Lady of Mount Carmel have seen a three fold increase in their mobile donations after switching to GiveCentral Text-to-Engage and using specific keywords. GiveCentral enables parishioners to use keywords which are event specific such as “Sunday” and “Easter.” It can also be customized as per their needs, while using Text-to-Engage which also stands for 5 seconds giving. This helps donors in identifying the event, which in turn makes giving an easy process. Dedicated communications using GiveCentral Emails and social media has helped parishes like St. Mary of Vernon in increasing their email reading rate by 50%. GiveCentral helps its partner churches with their communication process by providing templates for emails. Switching to GiveCentral’s express giving tool made it possible for the Archdiocese of Baltimore to offer online giving from multiple devices to their donors; it could be seen that their giving went up by 70% when March 2020 was compared to March 2019. GiveCentral offers a unified dashboard that helps in creating campaigns in under a minute, integrate multiple giving options and also track performance. The communication features allow location to create scheduled email reminders with smart tokens - a feature that enables one click giving to donors.

The team at GiveCentral can help set up for any church or organization that wishes to sign up. There are webinars and tutorials that are conducted by GiveCentral every day of every week . Tutorials are being given through Facebook Live as well. All activities are focused on helping parishes to drive and sustain their engagement with all parishioners.

About GiveCentral
GiveCentral is a web based donation platform designed to help nonprofits raise more funds. By consolidating all collection, fundraising and communication activities into one place, GiveCentral makes it easier for donors to give, for nonprofits to connect, and for administrators to save time on accounting and data management. To date, there are over 750 nonprofits that have put their trust in GiveCentral. The company looks forward to growing and expanding its offerings in the fundraising sector. Assistance from nonprofit fundraising experts is available on GiveCentral’s official website.
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