SocksLane Remains Available for Nurses and Health-Workers Amidst Global Pandemic

Portland, OR, April 22, 2020 --( SocksLane has announced today that its products will remain available for Nurses and all other healthcare workers. Since the start of the nationwide lockdown due to the pandemic of the corona virus scare. The company has doubled its production this quarter to meet the demands of health workers.

Since the start of January of 2020 the sales went up and the black variant has become one of the best-selling compression socks on Amazon. At present, the brand enjoys a high 4.8/5 customer rating, a growing loyal customer base, and an impressive 70% reorder rate. This compression socks has been especially favored by health workers because of its comfort factor.

Mr. Dave Dixon, CEO, and co-founder is proud of what the small company said, “We are extending our help to all health workers with our products by giving them a special discount. We know how hard this time it is for nurses and doctors who are frontliners in responding to the needs of the country."

SocksLane trademark among other compression socks is their cotton based material which are more comfortable than other socks in the market. With an emphasis on quality, efficacy, and value, their socks quickly gained a loyal fanbase. The company gained customers over by offering high-quality products at very affordable price points, together with highly responsive customer service.

For more information on what makes Sockslane products special or to find out the latest offers, visit their site at
Amanda Dixon