Language Learning Platform LingQ Free for Schools During COVID-19 Pandemic

LingQ helps teachers provide online language learning resources.

West Vancouver, Canada, April 22, 2020 --( Web and mobile language learning platform LingQ has made their service free for any K-12 school or university/college language class during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

With LingQ, the language you’re studying is absorbed through repeated exposure to interesting content (text with matching audio). Teachers have access to 1000s of hours of lessons in the different language libraries to suit all interests. There is also the ability to create a lesson with any online content: blog posts, YouTube videos, Netflix shows, news articles, song lyrics, movies, novels, whatever works for your class. Students can even create their own lessons.

Learners have the ability to look up and learn from all words and phrases they encounter and to take advantage of a built in Spaced Repetition System. All words and phrases are tracked and this data is used to show progress, grade material and guide learners through machine learning.

“It’s like a language lab on steroids,” says LingQ CEO Mark Kaufmann, “You have the ability to read, listen to and often watch content that you are interested in and utilize tools to actively engage and learn from this content. We have taken what used to be a passive and relatively low efficiency activity and enabled students to really take advantage of authentic material in their target language. Massive exposure to the target language is required to learn a language well and LingQ makes it possible to do so with high efficiency.”

Teachers are able to track student progress including statistics on words learned, lessons studied, listening hours and how close individual students are to reaching milestones in the language (beginner 1 through advanced 2). Other LingQ features such as language challenges, private tutoring, writing correction and access to the forums can be managed by the teacher within the interface.

We hope that this makes these difficult times easier on the language learning community. For more information or to get your school set up, please contact Jahrine Lebel at

About LingQ
LingQ is a web and mobile language learning platform based in West Vancouver, Canada. Based on the methods that have enabled renowned polyglot Steve Kaufmann to learn 20 languages and counting, the LingQ system emphasizes learning from content of interest to the learner and incorporates leading edge language learning concepts to increase the rate and effectiveness of the language learning process.
Jahrine Lebel