Software Development Rates 2020: Top Destinations to Hire Software Developers

If you’re a business looking to hire IT specialists and aren’t married to the limiting idea of hiring locally, Qubit Labs’ recent report “A Guide to Software Development Rates: where to Hire Software Developers?” is your freshest guide book to IT-Outsource town.

Kyiv, Ukraine, May 09, 2020 --( This guide book will be especially valuable today, in the strange and unpredictable times of a raging pandemic, when businesses need to be twice and thrice as conscious about their budgets and have to find better ways of cost optimization.

Qubit Labs has a history of successful research on rates and strongholds of software engineers in the most prominent and the newly emerging destinations. As they help companies all over the world build offshore software developer teams and set examples of easy and cost-efficient outsourcing models for businesses of any kind, they closely follow the industry trends and help businesses navigate the IT outsourcing world.

This report takes a thorough look at several IT outsourcing destinations across the globe and breaks down these different hubs into the country by country examples. It scrutinises the perks and quirks of hiring software developers in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region, in Western Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia, looking at all of those hubs through various prisms such as location, talent pool, education, language proficiency, quality per cost ratio and even cultural versatility.

The report provides an in-depth analysis of professional landscapes and takes a look at countries like Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Portugal, Argentina, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Every one of these countries and regions has a unique outsourcing ecosystem that might be the best match for one business or the other. So, the report helps navigate the peculiarities of every outsourcing destination and understand the reasons behind them while giving access to solid numbers and figures. There is room for forecasts, too.

“The world of tech is trying to make every aspect of our digital lives perpetually better, faster and hopefully, more meaningful. The business has undergone digital transformation, politics are well on their way, the everyday life of an average earthling is predominantly digitized. [...] The number of software developers has grown in millions in this century and outsourcing has rid businesses of the problem of locality and limited talent pools. [...] Since the tech talent supply is still lower than the demand for it, the service rates will continue rising in the foreseeable future, but this growth will vary greatly based on the technology in demand, on geographical location of the service provider and other industry trends.”

Since the price often becomes the decisive element in hiring offshore or nearshore development teams, the report is accompanied by a thorough set of data on rates in each destination analyzed in the main text. This way, “A Guide to Software Development Rates: where to Hire Software Developers?” provides a full picture of everything you need to know about specificities of each outsourcing destination, and will save your business time, money and probably some awkward conversations.
Valery Malecha