Lifestyle Medicine Clinic Introduces New Wellness Package for Employers

Clinic provides employers a way to offer unique wellness benefits.

High Point, NC, May 09, 2020 --( Locally owned Triad Lifestyle Medicine is expanding its service offerings to now reach business clients in addition to its individual patients.

Named “Executive Wellness Packages,” the new services come in 3 different levels and price points, and include an array of specialized lab tests, a Micronutrient Analysis, personalized Wellness Plans, and ongoing medical coaching and accountability. Triad Lifestyle Medicine can provide the services at their clinic or on-site at the employer’s place of business.

Leah Hazelwood, who leads business development for Triad Lifestyle Medicine, explains, “We know that many employers are currently looking for creative ways to spend money on employee benefits. Our new Executive Wellness Packages offer employers a way to provide their employees with unique healthcare services that their current group healthcare plan cannot provide.”

Tiffany Allen, FNP-C, WHNP-BC is the medical provider at Triad Lifestyle Medicine. She states, “It is clear that preventative wellness is more important to people now than it has been in the past. People want to be in their best health possible when faced with the next inevitable healthcare threat. The service package we’ve designed uses specialized lab tests to look much deeper so we can identify and address any deficiencies, malabsorption or imbalances.”

“A standard yearly check up is important, but it only gives you a top-level overview of your health,” explains Allen. “That’s all that most group healthcare plans are going to cover. What we’re offering goes so much deeper than that and gives the patient a clearer vision of their health - now, and in the future if they continue down the same path. For example, many people do not know their Vitamin D levels and have signs of compromised immunity, but are just band-aiding their symptoms instead of uncovering the root cause. Other patients find through our tests that although they eat a very healthy diet, they are having malabsorption issues that are causing deficiencies and health problems. Others find out they have deficiencies which over time can increase their chances for certain conditions that run in their families. There are so many other things we look for, like oxidative stress indicators, which can increase chances for cardiovascular concerns, or poor methylation which can lead to toxin buildup. Once we have a detailed picture, we’re able to build a customized nutrition and supplement plan to get the patient on the right track health-wise.”

Employers can read more about the packages and the tests they include, or contact the clinic for more information by visiting

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