Business-Inform 2020 Expo is Rescheduled for 2021 While Business-Inform 2020 Virtual Expo Continues Its Work

Moscow, Russia, July 31, 2020 --( The ongoing outbreak of the coronavirus and the decision taken by Moscow’s mayor regarding the prolongation of the restrictive conditions (Mayor’s Decree #55, May 07, 2020) made it impossible to hold the International Business-Inform 2020 Exhibition during the scheduled dates of June 03-05, 2020. That is why the organizer of the Expo – the Information Agency “Business-Inform” (Moscow) – has decided to reschedule the Business-Inform for June 2021. All participants who paid for their respective booths for the Business-Inform 2020 Expo will be able to participate in Business-Inform 2021 without any additional payment.

At the same time, Virtual Business-Inform 2020 Expo, which began its work on April 1, 2020, will continue its work until May 2021. All participants who paid for their booths for participating in Business-Inform 2020 are able, during the year, to freely place the information regarding their company or its products on their virtual booths using them as web-pages in both English and Russian. All new information, placed on the virtual booths, will be sent out to the 15,000 addresses of the Russian specialists weekly.
Yulia Danilogorskaya
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