Wellness Clinic Now Offers Its Patients COVID-19 Antibody Testing for No Additional Charge

High Point, NC, May 15, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Triad Lifestyle Medicine, a local, female-owned Wellness clinic in High Point, has begun to offer COVID-19 antibody testing services. And the clinic is offering them at no additional charge for its current patients.

Tiffany Allen, FNP-C, WHNP-BC and founder of Triad Lifestyle Medicine, announced, “We don’t think patients should have to be stressed about having to go into a crowded lab office, pharmacy, urgent care or conventional clinic that could also be seeing patients with COVID-19 symptoms. Since we are a Wellness clinic, we do not ever see any patients with COVID-19 symptoms, and we only see 1 patient at a time since we spend so long with each one. We’ve also designed our clinic from the beginning to have very little or no wait time. So, we’re proud to be able to offer these important tests in what we think is a much better environment for patients.”

Triad Lifestyle Medicine, located in Deep River Business Center at the corner of Willard Dairy and Highway 68, will provide patients with a quick 5-15 minute appointment, blood draw, delivery of the patient’s specimen to the laboratory​​, and will report the results back to the patient via phone​. Current patients of Triad Lifestyle Medicine will pay nothing for the services above. ​Non-patients will be charged $50.00 for these services.​

The actual COVID-19 antibody test is filed to the patient’s health insurance plan by the laboratory performing the test. While many insurance plans cover the entire cost of the COVID-19 antibody test, the patient is responsible if their health insurance does not cover the entire cost of the test. If there is a balance due, this will be billed directly to the patient by the laboratory. The $50 fee (for non-patients only) for facilitating the blood draw, transferring the specimen and reporting the results is charged by Triad Lifestyle Medicine and is not billed to the health insurance plan.

Leah Hazelwood, who oversees Business Development efforts for the clinic, stated, “We have heard many people express hesitation about seeking healthcare because they don’t want to be exposed to COVID-19 at their usual medical office or urgent care. Our medical office is unique in that it is very intimate and we typically don’t offer any sick care - our patients are coming to us for wellness planning, specialized lab tests and medical guidance for things like diabetes, anxiety, weight loss, and chronic GI concerns. We felt a responsibility during the pandemic though to widen our service offerings to include both acute care and antibody testing, so that folks have a place to come where their potential exposure is significantly lessened since we don’t have crowds and aren’t seeing anyone with COVID-19 symptoms.”

Allen explained, “Our biggest concern is that people will neglect or put off healthcare due to fear of crowds during the pandemic. And what a cruel irony that would be! Being a Lifestyle Medicine clinic, we have a unique structure that allows us to provide a solution for that fear, and so we felt a responsibility to expand our service offerings during this time.”

If a current patient or non-patient is interested in the antibody testing, they simply need to call or fill out the contact form on the clinic’s website. Allen will call the patient to confirm their eligibility for the test and then schedule an appointment.

Triad Lifestyle Medicine is a female-owned Lifestyle Medicine clinic in High Point, NC. The practice provides a whole-person approach to healthcare that assesses how all aspects of the patient’s life (nutrition, exercise, environment, social factors, sleep, stress) contribute to their wellness and chronic health conditions. Triad Lifestyle Medicine provides individualized wellness plans to help patients reach optimal health. By spending more time with patients, focusing on the entire lifestyle and digging deeper than conventional care, Triad Lifestyle Medicine is able to develop personalized lifestyle recommendations that focus on the root causes of a condition rather than only band-aiding symptoms with medication. Learn more at TriadLifestyleMedicine.com
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