The Pax Center Resumes Community Meals with Carryout Meals

The Pax Center will resume its weekly community meals starting Wednesday, May 27th, from 5-6:30 PM. They will offer carryout meals to any that visit.

La Porte, IN, May 24, 2020 --( The Pax Center will resume its weekly community meals starting Wednesday, May 27th. The goal is to continue to keep LaPorte County well-fed and well-loved while also keeping people safe during the COVID-19 outbreak for volunteers and guests. To do this, the community meals will return to their regular times (Mondays from 11:30-1 PM and Wednesdays from 5-6:30 PM) but employ different practices.

The following guidelines will be in place:

- The Pax Center building will remain closed to the public. All meals will be served in to-go containers.
- All public-facing volunteers will wear face masks. Guests are requested to wear face masks when picking up their food as well.
- Strict disinfecting practices of the kitchen, preparation area, and volunteers will happen before, during, and after the meals are served.
- Hand sanitizer will be available at the table in the front of the Pax Center, where meals will be handed out.
- Also, food safety requirements from ServSafe and the health department will be followed.

With the rising unemployment rates and summer months approaching, the Pax Center is committed to making sure every person in LaPorte County has the opportunity to acquire food. Food insecurity in communities is associated with increased risks of some congenital disabilities, anemia, lower nutrient intakes, cognitive problems, and aggression and anxiety. In addition to the weekly community meals, the Pax Center continues to operate the weekly food pantries and gardens. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, the community meals served 70-100 guests at each meal.

Nate Loucks, CEO and President of the Pax Center, says, "Hunger and poverty impact every ethnic and generational demographic. The COVID-19 pandemic reveals that we must do more to engage the troubling food insecurity that persists in our community. The Pax Center remains committed to partnering with our neighbors that are struggling today and in the future, regardless of the challenges that endure in the coming months and years."

Those wishing to support the Pax Center's mission to keep LaPorte County well-fed and well-loved can visit their website at The Pax Center, as a subsidiary of State Street Community Church, is a registered 501(c)(3). All donations are tax-deductible.
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