Young Entrepreneurs Club Releases New Report on Post COVID-19 Economic Challenges

New report suggests the resultant effects of the pandemic could ruin many organizations - and the families they help support.

Jos, Nigeria, May 25, 2020 --( A recent report by the Young Entrepreneurs Club suggests to organizations some steps to take in tackling the economic ripple effects of the COVID-19 global lockdown. Many employees have already lost their jobs. Others will have to settle for less pay. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), almost half of the global workforce - about 1.6 billion workers– risk losing their livelihoods.

"More families will certainly operate from a leaner wallet. That's why any organization presenting their offers to people with families using old techniques won't even get any attention," says Engr Winston C. Ikekeonwu, director of the Young Entrepreneurs Club program at

"The so-called 'new normal' goes beyond the virus," continues Ikekeonwu. "Organizations must focus on finding out how to grow their operations - or suffer a quick painful death."

In the report, Ikekeonwu offers 3 tips to help organizations who still want to remain operational in the turbulent times ahead.

Laser Focus: "The lengthy quarantine periods was a blessing in disguise: it helped some people find out what was really essential. Every organization serious about staying alive must apply the same lessons and find the essential parts of their operation. And it's quite easy to decide: any activity that isn't directly helping you grow your revenue is a distraction that must be quickly dealt with," Ikekeonwu advised.

Regular Reviews: Engr. Ikekeonwu recommends more frequent check-ups. According to him: "To paraphrase the wise saying: the unexamined organization isn't worth running. If you are still trying to operate only with traditional 'quarterly reports,' you may find out too late that the organization you thought you had is no longer active. Put in place weekly and even daily dashboards to help you quickly spot what to correct before anomalies go viral."

Proper Habits: The Young Entrepreneurs Club director concluded his recommendations with the need for proper growth habits. "You must make it a habit to keep improving on your revenue generation. Too many organizations turn improvement into a slogan that is often recited but almost never done. Make it your organization's policy to actively look for what is working and keep getting better at it. Also be sure to quickly stop what isn't working, no matter how attractive it may be."

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Winston Ikekeonwu