Helping Survivors Manage Releases All Content

Practical How-To Guide Empowers Survivors after a Death

San Ramon, CA, May 28, 2020 --( Helping Survivors Manage today announced a new free website, to help survivors master the practical tasks that follow a death. This site delivers actionable advice, proven methods, and time-tested tactics for cleaning up the details left behind after someone dies. It includes the content of Kat Reed’s award-winning guide book, "Begin Here," the top resource for post-death logistics. This no-frills, no-nonsense guide has helped thousands of survivors since its first release in 2009 by providing black and white direction in a simple format. The content has been updated for the age of COVID-19, remote work/life, and online everything.

“My focus is on helping the survivor after a death and the best way to do that is online, especially now,” says Reed, author of Begin Here and creator of Helping Survivors Manage. “In the decade after I published the book, 26 million survivors in the United States faced the daunting work of tidying up a life, and most of them figured it out from scratch. Helping Survivors Manage is here to give today’s survivors the support they need when they most need it.”

All content on the Helping Survivors Manage website is available at no cost, and includes:

- Helpful checklists for information to gather and actions to take (or not take)
- Updated “to do’s” for residential, financial, and legal considerations
- Step-by-step instructions for organizing and tracking tasks
- Proven templates and scripts for communicating with banks, credit card companies, and other services the typical decedent leaves behind

About Helping Survivors Manage: Kat Reed started Helping Survivors Manage after her experience settling her mother’s affairs when she died. Reed, a business process expert and corporate training consultant was dismayed to discover that no comprehensive and reliable resource existed to guide survivors through the process. She resolved to create one. The result was the award-winning book Begin Here. Today Helping Survivors Manage is the #1 resource for survivors in the US.
Helping Survivors Manage
Kat Reed