Jetzy Announces a New COVID-19 Related Project Called Crisis-Help

Crisis-Help is a dedicated crowd sourced information exchange portal for people to ask/share useful information about the issues related to the Corona Crisis.

New York, NY, June 01, 2020 --( Today, Crisis-Help launches a crowdfunding campaign. Crisis-Help is a dedicated crowd sourced information exchange portal for people to ask/share useful information about the issues that can help people for the Corona Crisis. To help build the platform, Crisis-Help announces crowdfunding.

Shama Zehra, a serial entrepreneur, is pioneering Crisis-Help as a way of helping our community exchange useful information from the COVID-19 crisis. “COVID-19 has not only affected our professional lives but has created an unprecedented challenge for our society. We want to help build a dedicated portal where people can have a common place to find and share useful information that can benefit all of us,” founder Shama Zehra states. Shama is an entrepreneur in Consumer Technology, Finance, and Retail space for 30 years, having started as one of the youngest women entrepreneurs in Pakistan. While Shama’s latest project, Jetzy, which is a dedicated social platform for people to connect with other people who enjoy travel and lifestyle experiences, inspires and promotes an exchange of ideas and experiences between travel lovers, she believes the concept can be applied to sharing useful information relating to COVID-19 Crisis. Since travel has been seeing unprecedented slow down, Jetzy’s resources and technology stack are being used to develop a real time platform called Crisis Help which will be a dedicated portal where people can exchange useful information about the issues emerging from the Corona Crisis.

Despite the overwhelming access people have to social media platforms and news sources the COVID-19 crisis has shown just how fragile these communication channels are. Many people were left with little to no information about job security, medical and testing information, as well as logistical assistance in their day to day lives. Where can people get reliable medical and testing in the community? What stores have products that people need such as PPE? Others in the community are facing the same problems, making the demand for information exchange regarding these types of concerns within the community essential.

The solution, Crisis-Help will be dedicated towards building communities of discussion where people can become a resource for each other and act as a source of relevant updates and logistical direction during the crisis. People will be able to share content ranging from health to employment and access resources and updates about crises for their needs.

Examples of topics include:
Physical and Mental Health
Groceries and Essentials
Quarantine issues
Student Education
Preparing for life after Quarantine
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

In essence, Crisis-Help will act as a hub for all information relating to a crisis organized at one place.

With donations, Crisis-Help is seeking the ability to create this platform for those who need access to reliable communities of information and assistance during COVID-19. To donate, the link to donate is here:

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