Bramasol Announces Release of Updates to Analytics-Driven Disclosure Reporting Packages for RevRec and Lease Accounting

Santa Clara, CA, June 03, 2020 --( Bramasol, a leader in SAP Office of the CFO Solutions, today announced newest release of its financial accounting disclosures for both revenue recognition (ASC 606/IFRS 15) and lease accounting (ASC 842/IFRS 16) in compliance with all mandatory regulatory requirements .This new release includes significant improvements to both functionality and performance, including the following:

Revenue Recognition Disclosure Reporting:

Disaggregation of Revenue: by the following metrics: Products/Services – Geography, Over Time / Point in Time. This report displays the disaggregation of revenue in the ways that conform to specific company requirements.

Contract Balances Roll-forward: (Assets and Liabilities): These reports will display the period to period movements within the contract liability and contract asset balances as required by ASC 606 and IFRS 15.

Remaining Performance Obligations: (Five Year Table). This report will display remaining performance obligations over the next five years as displayed in the next five calendar or fiscal years.

Volumes and Scalability: new reporting architecture helps customers report on datasets of up to 1.5 million POBs at full performance and up to 9 million POBs with some performance tradeoffs.

Performance Improvements: the latest release (Version 3.1) is more than 100 times faster than first release

Analytics and Dashboards: added more visualizations for various metrics over selected periods which helps business users visualize their past and future performance and highlights Insights to Action.

Lease Accounting Disclosure Reporting:

Analytics and Dashboards: more visualization to allow users to allow users to get more graphic information with Insights to Actions, including:

Lease portfolio views by geography, asset classes, incremental borrowing rate ranges and lease terms

Lease expense and future lease commitments by category of assets, geographic locations, and lease terms

Five-year lease commitment tables

Simulations and what if scenarios

Incremental borrowing rate (IBR) by asset class and geographic location

Full Drill-Through Capabilities: enhanced disclosure reports to include drill-through for all line items from disclosure reports to detailed information in Contract Lease Management and General Ledger.

IBR Alternative Calculations: customer requested methodologies to calculate incremental borrowing rates.

Performance: increased performance of report execution by over 100%.

According to David Fellers, Bramasol CEO, “We are proud to release these latest updates to Bramasol’s analytics-driven disclosure reporting packages as we continue to incorporate new functionality that our customers requested while also expanding the scalability and performance of both analytic dashboards and report generation.”

About Bramasol
Bramasol is a leader in SAP-based S/4HANA finance and business transformation solutions and a premier services partner for the SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting application (for ASC 606/IFRS 15) and leasing (for ASC 842/IFRS 16) and the SAP Treasury and Risk Management application. CFOs from the Fortune 500 choose Bramasol as the go-to partner for finance innovation and compliance solutions for companies looking to transform compliance into competitive advantage.

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