Super Deals Now Available on Giftapart

Somerville, NJ, June 06, 2020 --( Giftapart, the world’s first social ecommerce supermall, providing the world’s only gift registry where anyone can control the order gifts are actually purchased, now provides Super Deals every Friday.

“Super Deals are discounted items that you may typically find on a Black Friday sale. The Super Deals’ items are either heavily discounted, or we are discounting items that usually aren’t sold below retail price,” said Filipe Pedroso, founder and CEO of Giftapart, “It’s just another way we provide value to our users.”

“Giftapart already provides Cashback Rewards on most items,” added Pedroso, “Our team is always looking for ways to make shopping more fun, easier, cheaper and better.”

Pedroso continued, “We have been testing Super Deals for a couple weeks, and the interest has been astronomical. Super Deals are posted throughout the week, but shoppers can only purchase them on Friday starting at noon Eastern Time. The items are available for up to 24 hours or until sold out. These are usually limited quantity items, but they are always awesome bargains. We change up the categories and product types weekly to keep it fun and interesting.”

Giftapart is a marketplace providing over 25,000,000 products from America’s well-known and trusted stores. “We don’t have any third-party sellers. These are popular brands that consumers already know. We give consumers a trustworthy place to browse and shop, and they can be confident to know that they’re buying the real goods, not the frequent counterfeit merchandize often sold through third-party sellers on other marketplaces. At Giftapart, every retailer needs to be a legitimate store with products that match our quality-focused and family-friendly brand,” said Pedroso.

The Giftapart platform is the only ecommerce marketplace providing social, event planning, gift registry, calendar, media share, built-in DM, and shopping, all in one conglomerate place. “Giftapart has reinvented gift registries. We are the only place on the planet where users can create a gift list of multiple items, and then control which item is purchased first, second, and so forth. Think about that, a couple getting married really needs that $1,500 refrigerator. Guests typically wouldn’t buy such an expensive item, but that’s what the couple really needs. With Giftapart, they can actually get it first. With our patents-pending gifting and list methods, our system breaks up the item into affordable parts for contributors to chip in together. And the whole process is super social, fun and easy. It’s a great tool for people to actually get what they really want and need, instead of cheaper items that may not be priority on someone’s list. And here comes the best part: You actually make it easier and faster for the gift givers!” stated Pedroso.

Gift registry and full event planning are all within Giftapart. Users can browse for items, place them on a gift registry, and create an event using the built-in event planner. “Anyone can create beautiful event invitations, guests can easily RSVP, and every event has a dedicated social feed so all the guests can chat and share the event media. And with Giftapart’s DM features, all the guests and host can easily communicate,” elaborated Pedroso, “No better place to event plan, discuss and share. It’s a fabulous experience.”

“There is simply no experience like Giftapart,” said Pedroso, “Only at Giftapart can you browse 25,000,000 products from hundreds of America’s most well-known and trusted stores, shop those products, chat about the products you see with others, prepare and send out a beautiful event invitation, make a wish list and gift list, get the gifts in the precise order you want, get notifications from stores about discounts, see your friends’ birthdays and events on a calendar, use the built-in full social media functionality, and send direct messages — all in one place!”

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