Schultz-Creehan LLC Announces New Micro Machining Center

New micro machining technology significantly adds to Schultz-Creehan’s fabrication and custom manufacturing capabilities.

Blacksburg, VA, April 19, 2008 --( Schultz-Creehan LLC announced today the addition of a state of the art Micro Machining Center in their lab facilities in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center in Blacksburg, Virginia. The Micro Machining Center is a critical piece of technology for the custom manufacture of micro-components.

With the new state-of-the-art micro machining center, technicians are able to make custom fabricated components for applications including medical devices and instrumentation for engineering or medical diagnostics. Parts and products can be fabricated with a repeatability of .0002 inches over six inches of travel, ensuring that very small parts can be reproduced with minimal variation and high quality. The machine is the first of its kind from manufacturer Cameron Micro Drill Presses. Automation throughout the machining process is enabled by an automatic tool changer which increases the quality by reducing potential for human error.

“Our core engineering skills for design and development are enhanced by the greater fabrication abilities this machinery brings. We are very grateful to Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology for their role in bringing this equipment to our lab,” remarked Schultz-Creehan CEO Nanci Hardwick, “Our customers in the aerospace and biomedical industries seek smaller and smaller components and this center allows us to meet their demands with improved quality.”

About Schultz-Creehan LLC: Schultz-Creehan LLC, a subsidiary of Schultz-Creehan Holdings, Inc. is a high-tech engineering firm focused on the research and development of innovative solutions for industry. Schultz-Creehan addresses complex product development challenges through expertise in materials science and industrial engineering. With offices and lab facilities in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center in Blacksburg, Virginia, Schultz-Creehan develops and manufactures products and processes to serve clients in the aerospace, defense, medical device and industrial markets for customers like the Navy, Aerojet, DARPA, Ex One, and more.

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