Startup Wig Wear Founded by HBCU Grads Launches First Inflatable Wig Stand Designed for Styling

A team of three HBCU graduates have created a portable wig stand to provide wig wearers a convenient place to store their wigs, save space in their luggage, and style their wigs on the go.

Washington, DC, June 17, 2020 --( Traveling wig connoisseurs fed up with compromising an extra pair of shoes
for the sake of bulky mannequin heads, now have a space saving solution following the launch of the Strand Stand.

Designed for wig wearers on the go, the Strand Stand is an inflatable wig stand that is easily transported in a carry-on or tote bag. The Strand Stand boasts a sturdy design and features a 22” circumference inflatable mannequin head made from vegan suede, a flexible spring, a suction cup base that easily attaches to any smooth, flat surface. All the components fit neatly into a nylon carrying bag, allowing for easy transportation.

The Strand Stand can go from a deflated mannequin head in bag to a fully functional wig stand in minutes. Users need only to:

- Inflate the mannequin head with the accompanying pump until it is firm
- Screw the spring on the base
- Screw the head onto the spring
- Firmly place the base onto a clean surface – pressing on base to remove air bubbles

The truth is that for those who cannot be bothered with erecting a tripod each night before they go to sleep, the doorknob is the next best place to hang the wig. The Strand Stand is small enough to fit on a nightstand for easy access to the wig each night and morning. However, the necessity for a wig stand always becomes apparent when it is time for styling. Aside from providing a convenient place to store wigs, the Strand Stand is the ideal styling tool. Its flexible spring and textured surface work together to provide tension to the hair allowing users to detangle, blow dry, cut and curl their wigs without the need for t-pins (which can damage the wig) to hold it in place.

The Strand Stand is the flagship product of Wig Wear- a premiere hair care accessory company that is 100% black women owned. HBCU graduates of Howard University and Texas Southern University, Melanie Meek, Maximilienne Mbinack, and Aisha Hunte, are the masterminds behind the Strand Stand and the founders of Wig Wear. Explaining the motivation for creating the styling tool, Maximilienne Mbinack said: “The idea for Strand Stand was born in 2019 out of frustration during a trip to Greece. After stuffing a mannequin head into a suitcase that was already too full, we just knew there had to be a compact solution for wig storage. While there were a couple of products on the market that checked some boxes, there wasn’t a product out there that met all of our needs. We set out to create a new type of wig stand that is sturdy enough to style on, can be used anywhere, and easily fits into a carry-on suitcase.”

The Strand Stand is available for a retail price of $45.99. There is also the option for an XL stand for $49.99. For further information, visit: or visit the company’s YouTube channel for tutorials.
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